Tuesday, 23 January 2018

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Government Must Cater For the Cost Involved In the Implementation - Mr. Emmanuel Boye

Government Must Cater For the Cost Involved In the Implementation - Mr. Emmanuel Boye Featured

The Western Regional Secretary for Coalition of Concerned Teachers (CCT), Mr. Emmanuel Boye says teachers are ready to write the exams for the license because they have been well trained and competent for the task ahead.

 The National Teachers Council (NTC) of the Ministry of Education has announced that teachers will now have to pass a special examination before being granted the license to teach.  This move according to the NTC, is to enforce discipline and eliminate non-performing teachers from the system, in accordance with the Teachers Licencing Policy under the Education Act 778 (2008).

 According to Dr. Tawiah, Executive Secretary designate of the National Teaching Council of the Ministry of Education, all formalities for the full implementation of the Act has been finalized and a secretariat to issue the licence had been established.

 Commenting on this topic in an exclusive interview on New Day Fm’s Adeakyi abia show, Mr. Emmanuel Boye admitted that the association has been briefed by the ministry on this initiative and therefore doesn’t have any problem because the government is their employer and if there should be a need for teachers to write exams for licence then it isn’t a problem

 “The government must cater for the bills involved in the implementation of this initiative if not, will be a cost burden on the teachers. If teachers staying in rural areas have to move to the urban centers to write such exams, programme or an interview for their licence, then who has to bear its associated expenditures such as accommodations, transportation etc?, So this is one of the conditions that the Coalition of Concern Teachers is seeking from the government” he said.

 He emphasized that it is not something new because conditions cited in the chart for the licence are everyday activities and processes that teachers pass through and do in the course of their duties.


 Source: New Day 94.1fm|Adeakyi abia|Rita Ackah