Saturday, 24 February 2018

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Oshiyie residents flee town over renewed chieftaincy clashes; One dead

Oshiyie residents flee town over renewed chieftaincy clashes; One dead

Some residents of Oshieye, a town in the Greater Accra Region, say they are living in constant fear after a clash between two feuding chieftaincy factions on Thursday led to the death of one person with three others injured.

Some of the residents say the deceased who accosted some workers on a building site was killed after an altercation with 'Land Guards'.

Joy News is learning a chieftaincy dispute dating two decades instigated Thursday’s clashes and many other disagreements.

The disputes, according to Joy News’ Maxwell Agbagba, have been ongoing for many years.

The feuding factions are both laying claim to stool lands in the small community of Oshieye.

Thugs, usually called Land Guards, have taken advantage of the situation to terrorise private persons who acquired any of the disputed lands, reports Maxwell.

In February this year, a similar incident occurred in that community with life grinding to a halt as children could not go to school after bloody clashes resulted in one death, and injured scores.

The recent incident is no different, as the residents have started fleeing the town to Kokrobite, Bortianor and other places.

An Assemblyman in the area, Rockson Saka Allotey, said he was called in the morning of Thursday, August 17, at 9am “and was informed that it has happened again and one person has passed away”.

He said the disputes have existed for more than 17 years between two factions who claim legitimacy to the stool.

He said the situation is worrying and threatens security in the area.

The matter has been reported to the police who have deployed men to the area as investigation commence concerning the murder.

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