Saturday, 24 February 2018

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Vodafone Ghana launches 'Ekiki Mi' promo

Vodafone Ghana launches 'Ekiki Mi' promo Featured

Vodafone Ghana has launched the “Ekiki Mi” promotion which allows a customer to share a recharge card with two other people.

The promotion which is the first in Ghana’s telecommunications industry is aimed at giving an opportunity to customers to engage more with their close friends and family.

Speaking at the launch in Accra, Director of Consumer Business Unit at Vodafone, Agnes Emefa Essah, explained that for any voucher that a customer buys, from GHC2 and above, they can share with two other friends or family members who would enjoy the same value as the customer.

“All you need to do is load your credit, dialling *134* - your PIN – and the # sign. After you have done that, you can now give the recharge card to two other persons who will dial *135*-the PIN – and the # sign and receive the same value,” he stated.

According to Mrs Essah, the promotion is an unbeatable offer and serves as an avenue to continue displaying Vodafone’s essence as a SuperNet – a brand with the ability to empower customers to stand out all the time.

“Vodafone’s household image as an innovative brand has once again come to the fore and it will only get better,” she added.

The promo she said would last for 60 days and customers are expected to take advantage to share their airtime with friends and family.

The Ekiki Mi promo she said, is essentially to generate excitement among the customer base (to feel electrified) and to make talking and browsing easier and convenient for all customers.

“The promotion is very easy to engage in and also extremely rewarding. You only need to purchase a recharge card and you are instantly empowered to extend joy and happiness to friends and family,” she added.

Bonus airtime, to be enjoyed by the two loved ones, can only be used for on-net voice calls and ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ data. The loved ones must top up within three days of receiving the recharge card and bonus airtimes have a validity of two days.